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Our HR outsourcing services identify exposures and remedy compliance issues.

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The human resources department is an indispensable part of any business. But underachieving HR can inflate costs, limit your growth potential, and may also jeopardize company stability. Employers regularly make major compromises with their HR Departments by hiring multiple topic experts incurring substantially higher costs per employee than competitors or accepting risks that come with a “Jack of All Trades” approach to HR. Both are compromises and unnecessary.

With Employer’s Guardian, you can realize more day-to-day productivity and increase long-term company growth while limiting exposures. From payroll compliance to policy overview, we not only identify exposures, we determine issues and work with you—not against you—to develop a long-term compliance plan that actually solves your problems. Get HR solutions that grow with you, benefit from expert support at every turn, and attain a higher level of company productivity and growth.

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"Employer’s Guardian in a very seamless way ensures IHS remains prepared for all HR related regulatory and compliance requirements which has enabled us to focus on developing our associates. The tools and support that EG provides for associate development has enabled IHS to improve associate engagement scores year over year AND the scores have consistently exceeded industry benchmarks."

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“It still amazes me that when I had a “professional” HR person on staff, my WC mod just went up and up. Fire the professional staff person, outsource and reap the benefits. I know now where the “professionals” really were. The quick way you cleaned up our open claims and made safety a priority has been immensely helpful. Your on-going reviews and recommendations keep us honest.”

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“Employer’s Guardian truly lives up to their name. We rely on their HR expertise for designing profitable pay practices, reducing our risk exposure as an employer, making our work place safer, and enhancing our management skills. They continually surpass our expectations and have been instrumental in our company’s success.”

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How Do We Support Your Business Through Our Partnership?

It is all too common for HR to address compliance needs without addressing business operational priorities. When business needs are not a priority in the problem resolution design, solutions are commonly less effective and support by operations can be marginalized. This compromise increases risks, increases costs, and can give competition an operational advantage. As your company grows, HR responsibilities grow. You need an HR partner that can accommodate the growth that you know your company can achieve, and protect you against legal liability and other risk exposures. You can achieve a better, more comprehensive HR solution with Employer’s Guardian.

There are countless employment lawyers who are all-too-ready to encourage disgruntled employees and rejected hirees to file suit at the faintest whiff of discriminatory hiring and employment practices. These lawyers recognize that hitting you with a demand letter threatening to file suit will likely result in you settling, rather than taking the risk of going to court.

We recognize that employers try to adhere to hiring and employment laws. But even minor mistakes in judgment can open them up to legal liability. Having access to the comprehensive HR support of Employer’s Guardian is a key means of enabling your company to button up previously unrecognized gaps in hiring, employment, and termination policy, practice, and documentation. Employer’s Guardian helps clients create a historical record of compliance that clients use to reduce the frequency and severity of employment litigation.

Every business has someone that is expected to control the Company’s employment risks. Many times HR policies and practices have not kept up with evolving compliance demands exposing the Company to the equivalent of “litigation landmines” that can detonate with little notice. Litigation can take a year or more to resolve, consume massive amounts of operating capital, and negatively impact careers.

If there has been no recent third-party oversight of your internal HR, then it’s highly advisable to refer to an experienced firm to take the lead. At Employer’s Guardian, we can provide an HR liability review to assess the state of your HR and offer recommendations for any area that may need improvement. But we don’t stop there—we can work with you to fix any issues and develop a long-term compliance plan so that your HR team continues to meet the demands of your growing company.

Common HR Outsourcing Questions

How do I assess the effectiveness of my HR department?

The effectiveness of an HR department is comprised of ability to control employer liability, ability to support employee performance optimization, and cost. Employer liability can be assessed through a third party compliance assessment. Employee performance optimization can be evaluated against best practices established by top performing organizations like Starbucks; HR costs on a per employee basis have benchmarks based on industry and size.

Can you help lower my worker’s compensation insurance premium?

Historically, Employer’s Guardian has helped companies achieve a 26.2% reduction in the price of their worker’s compensation premium. We can develop, deploy, and help you manage a a safety program that proactively controls the variables that impact WC costs. Overall workload on your Company can be reduced while levels of compliance with regulatory organizations like OSHA and Cal/OSHA increase.

Would outsourcing HR eliminate all need for in-house HR support?

At Employer’s Guardian, you have the benefit of access to all of our experienced experts, as well as the wealth of resources that we have developed over the years. We encourage the outsourcing of technically demanding HR responsibilities that can be performed by Employer’s Guardian at higher quality levels and lower cost compared to in-house. It is common for clients with less than 200 employees to have one person acting as the in-house HR representative.

Are most HR Outsourcing providers about the same?

Absolutely not. HR Outsourcing companies that state that those in the industry are all about the same don’t want to be compared to Employer’s Guardian. The differences are so great that an HR Outsourcing worksheet has been created to help employers in the market for support determine their priorities and then compare providers.

The reason that billions of dollars are spent by employers to defend employment claims is because they fail to proactively manage the variables that generate risk. It is demanding, requires regular updates, systems that support consistency, and an actively involved team of experts. This describes Employer’s Guardian.

In terms of services provided, we offer more value for your company. We can equip you with systems and tools used by major corporations that would be cost prohibitive for most employers. Because these systems and tools are customized to meet your needs by experts at Employer’s Guardian, you don’t have to become software experts to get great results.