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Employer’s Guardian can protect your business by ensuring your payroll is fully compliant.

Payroll noncompliance can seriously hinder your company’s operations and profitability due to employee lawsuits and penalties. We can help your internal HR department rectify issues with compliance, working alongside your legal department to identify and address the specific needs of your business.  We have performed comprehensive reviews of the company policies, procedures, and payroll processes of hundreds of businesses. Whether you are in the midst of litigation, under threat or fear future litigation, or simply want a review of your payroll processes, Employer’s Guardian can bring you the expert knowledge, tools, and support to ensure payroll compliance.

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Reduce costs and increase quality with a solutions-based HR partner.

HR managers that operate autonomously, and not as business problem solvers, tend to offer impractical solutions with no cognizance of the steps that can be taken to deliver a superior quality product at a reduced cost. As your company grows, HR responsibilities grow. You need an HR partner that can accommodate the growth that you know your company can achieve, and protect you against legal liability and other risk exposures. You can achieve a better, more comprehensive HR solution with Employer’s Guardian.

Protect your company against litigious labor attorneys and demand letters.

There are countless employment lawyers who are all-too-ready to encourage angry ex-employees and would-be hirees to file suit at the faintest whiff of discriminatory hiring and employment practices. These lawyers recognize that hitting you with a demand letter threatening to file suit will likely result in you settling, rather than taking the risk of going to court. 

We recognize that employers try to adhere to hiring and employment laws. But even minor mistakes in judgment can open them up to legal liability. Having access to the comprehensive HR support of Employer’s Guardian is a key means of enabling your company to button up previously unrecognized problems in hiring, employment, and termination policies. In addition, having such support is a powerful deterrent against legal action. If you refuse to settle because you know you’re in the right, litigious attorneys will know it’s time to back off.

Perform an HR liability review to establish current exposures and future needs.

It could be that you are restructuring your organization, or maybe you just stepped into an executive role. Many times, HR departments and processes have not been updated in years or even decades, leaving your company susceptible to exposures and hampering your ability to effectively grow. If there has been no recent third-party oversight of your internal HR, then it’s highly advisable to refer to an experienced firm to take the lead. At Employer’s Guardian, we can provide an HR liability review to assess the state of your HR and offer recommendations for any area that may need improvement. But we don’t stop there—we can work with you to fix any issues and develop a long-term compliance plan so that your HR team continues to meet the demands of your growing company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have an ineffective in-house HR department?

Exposure to risk, costly and time consuming litigation, inefficient day-to-day work, and inability to meet the demands required to effectively grow your business are all signs that your in-house HR team is currently ineffective, and you may want to consider HR outsourcing.

We are being spun off by a parent corporation and do not have our own HR vendor or in-house HR department. What do we do?

You can choose to hire an in-house HR manager, but they are going to be at a disadvantage, as there is no existing infrastructure. They are likely going to have to spend several months investigating whatever records are on hand to better understand the state of your business before, with little time devoted to ongoing HR needs.

It may be wise to turn to HR outsourcing services, as you have the benefit of an entire experienced team of HR professionals, rather than a single employee. Any high-level needs can be remedied in the short-term, while ongoing day-to-day needs are also addressed. This ensures that your business’s existing exposure is reduced, and no new problems occur in the meantime.

Can you help lower my worker’s compensation insurance premium?

Historically, Employer’s Guardian has helped companies achieve a 26.2% reduction in the price of their worker’s compensation premium. We can proactively implement a safety program and provide additional risk mitigation resources, such as Cal/OSHA compliance.

Is HR outsourcing a direct alternative to in-house HR? Is there a difference in terms of services provided?

In many instances, HR outsourcing is more comprehensive than in-house HR. At Employer’s Guardian, you have the benefit of access to all of our experienced experts, as well as the wealth of resources that we have developed over the years. In-house HR departments may only be staffed by a single individual or a small team of people, which may not be enough for your growing company.

In terms of services provided, we offer more value for your company. We can equip you with automated payroll software, always ensure that you are in compliance with labor and tax laws, offer safety resources, and much more. In-house HR staff oftentimes do not have access to these tools and expertise.

My current HR manager is leaving. Should I just hire a new HR manager or should I hire an HR outsourcing firm?

We are often approached by companies who have maintained more or less the same HR infrastructure for decades, with little consideration of the changing times. If your HR department has not been audited by a third-party in some time, if ever, then you are likely past due for a risk exposure analysis, at the very least. Once you have had the time to review the current risk exposure of your business, you may ultimately opt to outsource your HR needs. At the very least, you will have an accurate picture of what your new HR manager needs to accomplish—which likely exceeds the job description of your previous HR manager.

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