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Hiring top talent, reducing litigation risks, and controlling labor costs requires that policies, processes, documents, regulatory requirements, and systems be in alignment. Our HR team helps employers build and manage HR programs that optimize your results.

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HR Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourcing technically demanding and highly litigious portions of your Human Resource programs to Employer’s Guardian can produce amazing results! We provide a variety of outsourcing solutions to meet your needs. Features of our services include: 


EGHR provides a robust Human Resources solution to reduce risk exposure and improve employee performance.


Optimize your workforce with our comprehensive performance management solution that develops managerial expertise, ensures fairness, and focuses on employee success, all while reducing time spent on performance challenges and litigation risks.


Enhance your HR operations with our LOA & ADA solutions that streamline processes, supports FMLA and ADA compliance, boosts employee engagement, legal compliance and operational efficiency


Transform HR management with our unified platforms that enhances data integration, automates tasks, and provides secure access, while offering robust analytics, comprehensive training solutions, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional growth.


EGRISK enhances workplace safety and minimizes risks by providing solutions that satisfy OSHA requirements, streamline claim processing, promote safety culture, reduce injuries, and ensure compliance with health and safety plans.


Streamline your Workers' Compensation claim processing and management with our efficient support system designed to simplify workflows and enhance overall efficiency.


Boost payroll efficiency with our solution that ensures accurate and timely processing, simplifies tax compliance, secures sensitive data, provides flexible features for diverse needs, and streamlines communications across your organization.


Improve workforce management with our solution that accurately tracks hours, reduces time theft, simplifies time-off procedures, enhances scheduling efficiency, and delivers real-time insights into labor costs and productivity.

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