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Protect Your Employees
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HR, Payroll & Risk Management Services

Employer's Guardian takes a practical, ROI-oriented approach to managing HR, payroll processing, safety program development and risk liability management, working alongside you to better enable to fulfillment of profitability and growth goals.

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Employer's Guardian Offers Several Business Support Solutions For Our Partners

We reduce HR costs and improve HR quality by shifting technically demanding HR responsibilities to our topic experts who use industry leading technology. As a result, quality goes up and costs go down.

EG's payroll services don't compromise. We are built on the industry leading platform, UKG. We specialize in complex employer payroll needs and staff at more than 200% of the industry average.

We help you focus on customers without compromising on employee safety. We build, maintain, and help you manage your CAL-OSHA compliant safety program. Technically demanding work is shifted to our team. When you work with EG injuries decline, compliance goes up, and costs go down.

We apply an engineering approach to proactively control shifting employer compliance demands. We think differently and that is how we attain industry leading results. Choose EG to reduce exposure and avoid litigation.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“Employer's Guardian truly lives up to their name. We rely on their HR expertise for designing profitable pay practices, reducing our risk exposure as an employer, making our work place safer, and enhancing our management skills. They continually surpass our expectations and have been instrumental in our company's success.”

Geno Caccia, CEO, James Caccia Plumbing
Plumbing, San Mateo, CA 30+ employees

“Employer’s Guardian in a very seamless way ensures IHS remains prepared for all HR related regulatory and compliance requirements which has enabled us to focus on developing our associates. The tools and support that EG provides for associate development has enabled IHS to improve associate engagement scores year over year AND the scores have consistently exceeded industry benchmarks.”

Dan Loch, CEO, Imaging Healthcare Specialists
San Diego, CA 350+ employees

"EG works collaboratively to ensure that our organization minimizes risks, partners to improve work culture, provides excellent resources and communicates with all levels of our organization in a highly professional and transparent manner.  During the unprecedented times of COVID19, EG led us through updates and processes while working with urgent timeframes. We would have been lost with the support of the EG Team.  Additionally, the EG Team has successfully guided us through complex employee relations including legal matters.  We are delighted to work with such a fantastic group of professionals!"

Romi Goodwin, CMPE CCCM
Director Business Operations at San Diego Imaging - 250 employees

“From Cal-OSHA and labor law compliance to best managerial practices, Employers Guardian increased my awareness of potential problems allowing me to more effectively manage my company. Employers Guardian helps me to remain compliant and sustainable in these difficult times. Employers Guardian gives me peace of mind.”

Jeff Holzer, Owner, Bob Holzer Towing & Storage
Towing, Santa Barbara, CA, 70+ employees
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Success Stories

We have had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies. Learn more here about what we were able to accomplish for them.