Reducing Workers’ Compensation Claim By 60%

March 16, 2019

A large healthcare organization in the San Diego area had been trying to manage a workers’ compensation claim for over 3 years before Employer’s Guardian took the case over.   Needless to say, this case had become a thorn in our client’s side.  The reserve was just over $173,000!  The employee was a Front Office Lead who alleged cumulative trauma injury to the neck, right upper arm, right elbow, right forearm, right wrist, right scapula and back.

How EG Supported the Win

We were able to demonstrate that the repetitive injury costs should be shared by a prior employer’s carrier. Through consistent follow up with the medical provider, insurance carrier, and injured employee, we were also able to reduce the total cost of the claim.

Results of Win

The total cost of the claim was reduced to $104,000 from the original reserves. $79,000 was received from the 2nd carrier. The final cost of this claim was decreased to $69,000 at settlement/closure, saving our client thousands of dollars.

Does your team have the firepower to successfully manage complex workers’ compensation claims like these?   If not, perhaps its time to discuss with Employer’s Guardian, the industry leader. We can assist you in developing a strategy for reducing your workers’ compensation liability to the absolute minimum.

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