Managing HR Liabilities

Managing Employer Liability has become unaffordable and unsustainable, but it doesn’t have to be.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“From Cal-OSHA and labor law compliance to best managerial practices, Employers Guardian increased my awareness of potential problems allowing me to more effectively manage my company. Employers Guardian helps me to remain compliant and sustainable in these difficult times. Employers Guardian gives me peace of mind.”

“Employers Guardian has taken us to the next level to insure that we are operating not only as a professional but also a responsible business. The employee’s now know what is expected of them and appreciate the fact that we have set a course to move forward. I sleep better knowing there is someone watching my back”

“Employer’s Guardian truly lives up to their name. We rely on their HR expertise for designing profitable pay practices, reducing our risk exposure as an employer, making our work place safer, and enhancing our management skills. They continually surpass our expectations and have been instrumental in our company’s success.”

“As the owner of a large Janitorial Company in Sacramento, I felt exposed to risk because we didn’t have the employment law knowledge required to be a successful employer in California.  We vetted and subsequently hired Employer’s Guardian to fill in those knowledge base gaps.  EG has built our foundation of compliance as well as coached me and my team to improve employee performance.  I feel much more confident about where my company stands today, thanks to Employer’s Guardian.”

“In the time that we have been with your company we have become more knowledgeable and more confident in our business practices thanks to you. Throughout the years, our intentions were always good. We’ve learned however, that good intentions don’t necessarily equal compliance with employment law. Thanks to Employer’s Guardian, we’ve moved into compliance and have become more efficient and profitable as a result. This the best business decision Dick’s Automotive has ever made.”

“Employer’s Guardian has given us the confidence to deal with HR issues that we used to ignore prior to using their services. As a manager, I personally have received the guidance that has taken me from an employee with an opinion, to a managing partner with a purpose. Our overall attentiveness to Human Resources, Management, and overall business sense has increased tremendously. The insight we have gathered from the services delivered by Employer’s Guardian has been an integral part in our company reaching its highest yearly sales total in company history!”

“It still amazes me that when I had a “professional” HR person on staff, my WC mod just went up and up. Fire the professional staff person, outsource and reap the benefits. I know now where the “professionals” really were. The quick way you cleaned up our open claims and made safety a priority has been immensely helpful. Your on-going reviews and recommendations keep us honest. Even though it was a struggle at first, your efforts are all paying off and you have a very grateful client.”

Managing HR Liabilities

Executive HR Support is required in today’s business climate.


The reputation of Employer’s Guardian is built on proactively minimizing employer risks.

  • In-depth methodology for identifying compliance variables that need to be managed.
  • Highly collaborative approach to providing day to day support by HR & Safety Professionals.
  • Quality solutions, customized to your organization, bring peace of mind.


Employer’s Guardian is a phone, fax, email, or portal away to efficiently get you the answers you need to today’s challenges.

  • Educate managers efficiently and effectively.
  • Ensure Policies match Practice to limit liabilities.


Employer’s Guardian provides Strategic HR support that generate greater protections and provides HR Administrative support more cost effectively and at higher quality levels.

  • Protect your wealth by staying compliant by utilizing systems and processes that generate a document trail of compliance.
  • Save money by letting Employer’s Guardian do the work more efficiently.
  • Focus on building the business, not worrying about compliance.

Human Resources

Get a team of professional HR specialists who can lend a helping hand with day-to-day HR duties as well as employee recruitment, retention and management.

Be a savvy HR Outsourcing Buyer by building your “HR Needs Shopping List” first.