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It’s not uncommon for companies to go years between handbook updates. This can lead to unnecessary and potentially expensive exposure to risks, since laws change each and every year.

A quality, regularly updated handbook defines important policies and rules. It helps you stay in compliance and avoid litigation. Stay up to date with an Employer’s Guardian customized handbook.

A quality Health and Safety Program (HASP) includes an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP), safety training, a commitment to safety policy, a list of all known hazards, hazard abatement and control, record keeping, and enforcement (positive or negative). We will visit your facility to identify hazards, then craft a thorough and customized HASP. Upon completion, Employer’s Guardian will train your Safety Officer on how to use the program to keep your employees safe and maintain Cal-OSHA

Compliance is a moving target. Knowing which areas your company is exposed to allows you and your management team can make educated decisions on which risks to minimize and when. 

One service we offer is an HR Evaluation, or Employer’s Business Review (EBR). This review checks a company’s standing on employment law. This report is an HR and OSHA review and identifies a company’s exposure to labor laws. 

Whether OHSA is inspecting your worksite because of an injury, high experience modifier for Workers’ Compensation, or it’s just a random inspection, having professional help by your side can ensure compliance.

It is our mission to achieve a significant reduction or completely eliminate OSHA penalties. OSHA officials may grant companies who have demonstrated “Good Faith” efforts to rectify noncompliance. Our OSHA compliance specialists will work hand in hand with your company to completely close the case.

Conducting an internal investigation is a challenge for HR staff. Workforce demographics are shifting. New laws are constantly changing. Managers can make mistakes. Employees are more aware of their rights. Employer’s Guardian can guide you through the workplace investigation process and help with conclusions.

Designing a compensation plan can be complex. A quality pay plan should reward performance and visa versa. At Employer’s Guardian, we design compliant pay plans customized to client needs. We provide tools to compute wages correctly—our metrics-based plans have been successfully reviewed by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Let us design a new pay plan, including offer letters, and correct wage statements, so you are in compliance.

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