Support Solutions

At Employer’s Guardian, we understand that not one size shoe fits all.  Support plans need to match your unique business needs.  From comprehensive HR and Risk Management Outsourcing to something as simple as updating your employee handbook, our broad offering meets the needs to today’s businesses.

Full Service

Take advantage of Employer’s Guardian complete suite of services including HR Support, OSHA Compliance, Payroll, Workers’ Compensation Claims Management, and Business Counseling.


Where Safety Compliance and Risk Management needs aren’t as demanding, EG HR provides a robust Human Resources solution to reduce risk exposure and improve employee performance.

EG Risk

Where Human Resources needs are handled internally, EG Risk provides solutions to satisfy OHSAs requirements, minimize injuries, and handle out of control Workers’ Compensation Claims.

EG Oversite

A consultative and mentoring approach that brings your company into compliance.  Call the team at Employer’s Guardian with questions or concerns.  Rely on our expertise to make confident decisions.

EG Custom

A custom menu of items to meet even the simplest of needs.  From New Hire Paperwork to complex LOA Management, EG Custom allows you to select the precise solution needed for your business.

How We Can Help

Managing HR Liabilities

Executive HR Support is required in today’s business climate.


The reputation of Employer’s Guardian is built on proactively minimizing employer risks.


Employer’s Guardian is a phone, fax, email, or portal away to efficiently get you the answers you need to today’s challenges.


Employer’s Guardian provides Strategic HR support that generate greater protections and provides HR Administrative support more cost effectively and at higher quality levels.

Human Resources

Get a team of professional HR specialists who can lend a helping hand with day-to-day HR duties as well as employee recruitment, retention and management.

Optimize Performance


Employer’s Guardian helps employers create Passionate Contributors and Self-Reliant Masters.


Employer’s Guardian brings the processes, systems, training and support to get the most of your team.


An Engaged workforce produces more, reduces turnover, and the customer experience improves. That is profitable.

Performance Management

Support managers to stop being reactive through training, providing tools to manage performance variables, and mentoring for success.   Create Passionate Contributors and Self-Reliant Masters.

Payroll Solutions

Our human capital management (HCM) solution suite is designed to help you attract and retain top- quality talent for your diverse workforce, with the tools you need to not only make work easier and more productive, but also to deliver a great employee experience.

Safety Solutions

OSHA writing expensive citations?  Workers’ Compensation claims out of control?   Concern about your employees going home at night with all of their fingers and toes?

A successful safety program will result in no lost time injuries, thereby reducing workers’ compensation rates via experience modifier, as low as payroll thresholds will allow.  At this point, you’re relying on policies, procedures, and safe practices allowing you to sleep confidently at night.  Accidents will still happen, but confidence comes when you’ve done everything by law and by your standard of excellence to protect your employees (and your company assets.)

Project Work

Employers today remain focused on keeping plates spinning and this can become difficult when an audit or project rises to the surface. EG’s subject matter experts can effectively help you achieve significant projects.

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