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Employer’s Guardian provides professionally designed and administered comprehensive safety programs.

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We've helped numerous companies achieve Cal/OSHA’s Golden Gate Award in recognition of their commitment to safety and overall aptitude.

At Employer’s Guardian, we know OSHA and Cal/OSHA: we design comprehensive, easily understood safety programs that include IIPP manuals, training on all known hazards, safety officer training, and injury investigation protocols to meet your compliance requirements.

OSHA and Cal/OSHA require that employers document training, hazard inspections, injury investigations, hazard abatement, and workers’ compensation claims.  Employer’s Guardian Safety programs are supported by systems and processes that help employers meet these compliance demands AND reap the cost saving rewards which consistent execution produces.

Why do you need a comprehensive safety plan?

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Employer’s Guardian safety programs:

  • Help employees go home in the same condition they arrived: healthy.
  • Are statistically proven to reduce the frequency and severity of employee injuries.
  • Are fully supported by systems that make safety program management a snap!
  • Allow management to focus on business.
  • Historically reduce the cost of workers’ compensation premiums.
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Companies with non-compliant safety plans can experience:

  • Investigations by Cal/OSHA
  • Fines and Penalties
  • Negligence Litigation
  • Inflated workers’ compensation costs
  • Elevated employee injuries that impact staffing levels

Safety plans and risk mitigation resources designed specifically for your organization.

Employer’s Guardian knows the importance of workplace safety. We have crafted and managed employee safety programs for hundreds of organizations. Injuries often occur without a comprehensive safety plan and regular safety training in place. Our experienced team assists in identifying problem areas, reviewing current risks and establishing or revising your injury and illness prevention plan. We can quickly implement the necessary safety courses and make available a library of safety resources to ensure your employees remain safe and productive. Choose Employer’s Guardian to improve workplace safety, reduce costs, increase productivity, and stay in compliance.

Historically, Employer’s Guardian has helped companies achieve a 26.2% reduction in the price of their workers’ compensation premium. We can proactively implement a safety program and provide additional risk mitigation resources, such as Cal/OSHA compliance.

The experienced risk management team at Employer’s Guardian has your back.

Our team can expertly and swiftly manage all claims, conduct ongoing performance reporting to optimize safety training, and regularly audit policies, processes, and procedures. We will create systems within your organization that lower premiums and workers’ comp mod rates.

Great Safety Records Require Training: EGLearning Management System.

Employees need to be trained on all known hazards. Each business location is required to have a trained Safety Officer. Employers with drug free workplace policies benefit from Drug and Alcohol Program Management training. Employee injuries must be investigated and documented requiring training. The list of safety concerns goes on and on...

EGLearning Management System automates the safety training process and tracks results. Training programs are tailored to the needs of each position, kicked off for new hires automatically, refresher training rates are customized based on need, and all it is tracked through dashboards.

Think of it as a safety hub, with all online safety courses and relevant safety resources in one place, accessible to everyone within your organization. We can build your training courses, customize your training calendar, and automate the entire process for you.

Managing workers’ compensation claims is a complicated process—Employer’s Guardian can manage claims for you.

Workers’ compensation insurance is one of the largest work-related expenses a business faces. Failing to adequately manage claims will only result in soaring insurance costs that detract from the bottom line, as unmanaged workers’ compensation claims can result in unnecessarily high premiums and an above average experience modification rate.

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