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We can ensure your company complies with federal and state regulations.

We’re often approached by potential clients that know they aren’t in compliance but don’t know what to do—that’s why we’ve compiled a shortlist of essential links for quick reference!

While they are helpful, it can be hard to solve persistent noncompliance by just browsing through these links. That’s where Employer’s Guardian comes in. Our expert HR team is ready to help you. We’re happy to review company-policy and HR procedures to identify exposures, rectify issues, and make sure you are in compliance.

Learn How to Reduce Your Liability Exposure

Explore the articles below to discover some of the newest arising issues in human resources and payroll, and learn how you can protect your company's bottom line.

What You Need To Know About ADA Compliance

Failure to comply with the ADA results in tens of thousands of lawsuits each year. Does your company comply? Learn more now!

How Your Company Can Defend Against Class-Action Lawsuits

An annual employment class-action lawsuit analysis found some surprising trends. In 2020, plaintiffs’ lawyers secured class certification in 84% of wage and hour lawsuits.

HR Staffing Costs: What Should You Expect?

Organizational spending on HR departments is on the rise. Is your business part of the trend? Here’s what you should know.

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