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Those that believe payroll is payroll have never experienced wage and hour class action litigation. EGPayroll specializes in complex payroll configurations backed by best-in-class customer service. Employer’s Guardian is an HR company that specializes in wage and hour compliance and built EGPayroll to meet our demanding standards.

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EGPayroll Specializes in Wage and Hour Compliance.

Payroll noncompliance can seriously hinder your company’s operations and profitability due to employee lawsuits and penalties. We can help your internal HR department and legal team rectify payroll compliance issues. We have performed extensive reviews of company policies, procedures, and payroll processes of hundreds of businesses. Whether you are in the midst of litigation, under threat or fear future litigation, or simply want a review of your payroll processes, Employer’s Guardian can bring you the expert knowledge, tools, and experience to address payroll compliance needs.

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"Employer’s Guardian in a very seamless way ensures IHS remains prepared for all HR related regulatory and compliance requirements which has enabled us to focus on developing our associates. The tools and support that EG provides for associate development has enabled IHS to improve associate engagement scores year over year AND the scores have consistently exceeded industry benchmarks."

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“It still amazes me that when I had a “professional” HR person on staff, my WC mod just went up and up. Fire the professional staff person, outsource and reap the benefits. I know now where the “professionals” really were. The quick way you cleaned up our open claims and made safety a priority has been immensely helpful. Your on-going reviews and recommendations keep us honest.”

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“Employer’s Guardian truly lives up to their name. We rely on their HR expertise for designing profitable pay practices, reducing our risk exposure as an employer, making our work place safer, and enhancing our management skills. They continually surpass our expectations and have been instrumental in our company’s success.”

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How Do We Support You as Your Payroll Outsourcing Partner?

You might think of payroll outsourcing as disruptive or costly. However, Employer’s Guardian is an expert in the realm of labor laws and regulations such as EEOC reporting, I-9 forms, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Affordable Care Act. We can pinpoint the areas in which you are noncompliant and quickly resolve faults to help you avoid litigation. Noncompliance is often a symptom of inaccurate tracking, reporting, and other payroll processes. Our payroll outsourcing services are the best way to avoid noncompliant litigation, reduce administrative burden, and protect your business from lawsuits and financial penalties.

Companies with numerous business locations, complex compensation plans, and demanding timekeeping needs often struggle to find payroll solutions that meet these needs. The EGPayroll team is part of a broader team that develops compensation plans, handbook accrual policies, and is responsible for compliance demands for thousands of employees across dozens of states. The EGPayroll team meets the demanding standards of the Employer’s Guardian HR team and that experience can be leveraged by your HR Department as well.

Many payroll providers can deliver an impressive demonstration of their platform’s capabilities, EGPayroll included. That said, the value an employer receives is based on the capacity of platform to meet your needs, the quality of the intake and configuration process, initial training, and future support for deployment of additional features as you grow.
EGPayroll is built on the industry leading Kronos Workforce Ready platform. Our implementation process is proactive, breaks large projects into digestible modules, ensures that you are prepared for success prior to the start of each module keeps everyone informed on implementation progress.

Compliance issues can be difficult to solve in-house. This is not because your HR staff is unable to do their job—what we often find is that in-house HR simply does not know the exact steps necessary to remedy exposures. They may even work closely with company attorneys and other legal advisors, yet payroll compliance issues still persist. This is why working with a payroll specialist to review your situation is necessary, so that you can be fully apprised as to your company’s level of exposure, and more importantly, how to most effectively remedy the issue in both the short and long term. You need a payroll specialist to identify your full risk exposure, and to develop a process for addressing and correcting noncompliance.

Payroll and HR administration is commonly among the most inefficient and error prone segment of business with 1,000 employees or less. These businesses commonly lack the expertise to evaluate payroll platforms against their business needs. If that wasn’t challenging enough, they have not considered what level of support would be required to configure the payroll platform; training and support required for true adoption have not been taken into consideration; or if the payroll provider can reliably meet project business demands five years into the future. Improving accuracy and becoming far more efficient is dependent on partnering with a payroll provider that meet these challenges day in and out.

EGPayroll is only interested in clients that are good fit for our systems and approach to client support. Our sales team is not paid on commission, their success is judged on the quality of the match between client needs and our solutions.

Payroll outsourcing companies typically perform an initial one-off payroll setup using off-the-shelf software not designed to account for the specifics of your business or industry. Such a payroll system can be complicated and require a dedicated software expert to manage, which only causes more inefficiencies. But at Employer’s Guardian, we customize payroll solutions—including automated time tracking and attendance data, employee scheduling tools, and simplified timecard management—to facilitate payroll compliance, compliant wage statements, improve staff efficiency, and reduce operation costs. To accomplish this, we set out to fully understand your current payroll deficiencies with a detailed, comprehensive business review. Our automated payroll solution is then tailored to meet your exacting needs, eliminating payroll policy and process faults. We remain flexible to realize and address your specific needs. Optimizing your payroll with a custom, compliant payroll solution will reduce operation costs and improve work efficiency.

Payroll mistakes are common. They can occur as a result of inefficient, complicated payroll management methods. We can streamline your payroll management with a suite of integrated and automated tools that help administrator minimize the number of manual or one-off process that are prone to error.

Common Payroll Solutions Questions

Do you provide an HR Management system?

Yes. Our industry leading Human Capital Management (HCM) provides a robust set of solutions designed to meet the needs of your HR Department, Employees, and Company Leadership today and years into the future. Our HCM solution brings solutions to streamline everything from Recruiting and Hiring to Payroll Processing, to Benefit Administration, and Performance Management. The EGPayroll platform and our team simplify the entire process, with automated administrative features, instant access to reports and data, as well as payroll services to manage tax filing, direct deposits, garnishments, and more.

Can you help my company avoid wage and hour litigation?

Yes! We have extensive experience in addressing wage and hour compliance demands associated with payroll administration. Sadly, employers that ask commission based payroll company sales representatives if their company can help address compliance issues have stepped into “yes or no” trap. Asking an EGPayroll sales representative if they can help your company if we can help avoid wage and hour litigation will trigger a extended description of our processes and why they work. We work our HR department and legal team to demonstrate that your compliance concerns have been understood, designs for implementation meet your needs, and outcomes can be validated.

How long does it take to implement your payroll solutions?

At EGPayroll we reject the common ten day set up and five day training cycle promoted by others in the industry. We cater to employers that appreciate a thorough implementation that focuses on long-term success. Implementation time demands vary based on solutions being implemented, but in general require about 20% more time than our competitors.

Can your service reduce payroll processing errors?

Quality payroll outcomes start with well-designed processes practiced by employees and managers that flow into payroll systems that make their job easy. Accurate and timeline input by employees and mangers can be processed by the payroll system with minimal effort by the payroll administrator. When configured correctly accuracy is close to perfect.

EGPayroll focuses on quality outcomes, not just payroll platform configuration. Supporting employee and manger mastery avoids the “garbage in” challenge that can almost guarantee a “garbage out” result.

Our Human Capital Management solution allows for workflows that streamline processing, remind employees and managers of open action items, and provide alerts where input indicate that an error is likely.

Can implementing an HR Management System reduce operating costs?

Employers of 50-1,000 employees are faced with almost all the demands of those included on the Fortune 1,000 and more than half of the companies on that list choose Kronos. EGPayroll brings this powerful platform to small and mid-sized employers to generate the efficiencies and quality results that not only reduce operating expenses, but delivery a substantial return on your investment.