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HR Staffing Costs: What Should You Expect?

Organizational spending on HR departments is on the rise. Is your business part of the trend? Here’s what you should know.

Cal/OSHA COVID Requirements: Does Your Business Comply?

OSHA announced penalties totaling more than $3.4 million as a result of violations relating to the coronavirus pandemic. Employers were…

Why Shift Differentials Can Lead to Class Action Lawsuits

Hundreds of employers are hit with litigation every year over unpaid wages, due to errors in calculating overtime when shift…

New COVID-19 Employment Regulations Result in Litigation

Laws passed in response to COVID provide special protections to employees who have been infected, exposed, or must quarantine. The…

Protecting Against Claims of “Failure to Accommodate”

Challenge It is a fact of life that employers get sued by employees.  In this case, an employee hired legal…

Improving Employee Performance of Critical Assignments

The General Manager for a large towing company was having trouble getting employees to complete daily driver’s logs, time cards and the monthly safety training assignments.

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