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Risk exposure is the number one concern for business executives. You can more effectively manage risk, avoid litigation, increase organizational safety and work productivity with HR liability management expertise you can only find at Employer’s Guardian.

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Employer’s Guardian identifies exposures to proactively minimize employer risk.

In-house HR can be overwhelmed by the challenge of addressing employee-related problems. Though they are able to identify such issues, in-house HR often cannot formulate an effective long-term solution, leaving your company susceptible to risk, litigation, and other concerns that may limit productivity and potential growth.

At Employer’s Guardian, we take a top-down view of your company to fully understand your risk exposures and noncompliance issues. Our approach is collaborative, providing you with the benefit of day-to-day HR support from expert safety professionals. We create solutions that are both immediate and long term: we can audit all ongoing issues, work with your legal counsel to shore up any and all exposures, and provide ongoing safety resources customized to the needs of your organization. Temporary solutions to ongoing risk are bound to fail—you need an HR expert in your corner who can identify issues and provide comprehensive solutions.

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How Do We Support Your Business Through Our Partnership?

Administrative accuracy is not a given, considering the sheer volume of duties, paperwork, and other tasks involved with managing HR liabilities. Unfortunately, any administrative inaccuracies can result in noncompliance issues, litigation, fines, and loss of efficiency. The inability to meet HR compliance requirements necessary to effectively grow your business is a sign that you can benefit from an HR partner who can optimize policies and processes to increase administrative accuracy and eliminate the costly, time-consuming burden of noncompliance. We have developed technology solutions that automate HR management processes, including payroll, that make it easier to document, track, and analyze company performance to deliver a seamless, end-to-end employee experience that reduces potential liability.

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