Safety Solutions

OSHA writing expensive citations?  Worker’s Compensation claims out of control?   Concern about your employees going home at night with all of their fingers and toes?

A successful safety program will result in no loss time injuries, thereby reducing worker’s compensation rates via experience modifier, as low as payroll thresholds will allow.  At this point, you’re relying on policies, procedures, and safe practices allowing you to sleep confidently at night.  Accidents will still happen, but confidence comes when you’ve done everything by law and by your standard of excellence to protect your employees (and your company assets.)

With a quality written program, satisfying OSHA requirements, as well as, being practical for your business, you’re company can focus on significant goals.  However, a written program is only one component.  Consistent training, a culture of safety, and documentation keep your employees smart and safe, and protect your assets.  Imagine a company where you control your worker’s compensation rates because you’re proactive about safety.

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