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Employer’s Guardian was founded under the premise that small to mid-sized employers need help with HR.  EG provides solutions at a surprisingly fair price.

Today’s demands come from varying directions:  From Employee performance issues to being under attack from an employment attorney.  Often, HR is left in the hands of individuals who are pulled in different directions as well. That is understandable as many organizations don’t have the need for a full time HR person.  However, often times these employees don’t possess the highest level of expertise needed to navigate the sometimes expensive and treacherous waters of employment law.  You need a level of expertise from filling out the simplest document to handling complex discrimination claims, and everything in between.  But, if you’re not seeing a return on your investment, it’s hard to justify.  At Employer’s Guardian we understand these challenges.

A quality Human Resources program would have 4 key components:

  1. Employee Management, where Systems and Processes strategically developed to make the mission of the organization a daily reality;
  2. HR Leadership, whereas Jack Welch, a  20-year CEO of General Electric, believes that great organizations’ head of HR fills the role of  management team’s pastor who hears all sins and complaints without recrimination and one part parent, who loves and nurtures, but gives it to you fast and straight when you’re off track;
  3. HR Administrator, where documentation is core to demonstrating compliance;
  4. Handle Staff Development and Performance Issues, where the objective to maximize your employee’s performance for your wage dollar spent.

While our expertise in compliance is solid, there is more to a quality HR/Safety department than just “Go/No Go”.  We provide our clients with innovative solutions to advance goals from Point A to Point B.  You tell us where you want to go, and we provide experienced and educated strategies to get you there.

US Companies are moving to Human Resource Outsourcing Solutions at a rate of 10,000 employees per month!

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