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At Employer’s Guardian, we understand that not one size shoe fits all.  Support plans need to match your unique business needs.  From comprehensive HR and Risk Management Outsourcing to something as simple as updating your employee handbook, our broad offering meets the needs to today’s businesses.

Full ButtonFull Service:  Take advantage of Employer’s Guardian complete suite of services including HR Support, OSHA Compliance, Payroll, Worker’s Compensation Claims Management, and Business Counseling.


EG HREG HR:  Where Safety Compliance and Risk Management needs aren’t as demanding, EG HR provides a robust Human Resources solution to reduce risk exposure and improve employee performance.


Risk ManagementEG Risk:  Where Human Resources needs handled internally, EG Risk provides solutions to satisfy OHSA’s requirements, minimize injuries, and handle out of control Worker’s Compensation Claims.


EG OverSiteEG OverSite:  A consultative and mentoring approach that brings your company into compliance.  Call the team at Employer’s Guardian with questions or concerns.  Rely on our expertise to make confident decisions.


EG CustomEG Custom:  A custom menu of items to meet even the simplest of needs.  From New Hire Paperwork to complex LOA Management, EG Custom allows you to select the precise solution needed for your business.

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Maximize Employee Performance | Minimize HR & OSHA Risks

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