OSHA Compliance

OSHA Compliance can be fairly straightforward.  But if your programs aren’t customized, or worse, you don’t use them, OSHA can be quite unforgiving.  Your company not only must be safe, but prove so.   When OSHA knocks on your door, are you ready?

Having competent personnel is a key component to any safety program.  Whether that person is a direct hire, or a qualified company, having someone responsible for your program is important.  Picture your company’s safety program with the “i’s” dotted and “t’s” crossed, where your company not only meets OSHA criterion, but can prove it.

At Employer’s Guardian, weren’t not just a copy and paste company.  We evaluate your company and each of its locations, analyze employee tasks, and then develop manageable programs to not only meet OSHA compliance, but achieve the main objective of keeping your employees safe.

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