Treating employees fairly and trusting them can only last so long.  An employee you recently fired has filed a $120,000 wrongful termination claim, and now you have a demand letter sitting on your desk.  Two years earlier, you spent $45,000 in attorney fees defending your company against a discrimination case.  You overheard one of your employees talking about how they heard an advertisement on the radio about not being paid fairly for overtime.   Is your world on fire?

Whatever the reason you’re in business, certainly it was not to constantly defend yourself against employee claims.  Picture your company with systems and processes in place that prevent claims like above.  Picture employees meeting your defined expectations, and when they don’t, you can act without fear of them going to the labor board.  Imagine having a good night’s sleep.

Who will watch your back?    U.S. employers are moving to Human Resource Outsourcing at the rate of 10,000 employees per month.  While there are many Outsourcing solutions, the number of providers that brings passion to the support of clients is small.  If the culture of the outsourcing provider doesn’t generate a passion for supporting and protecting the client, the list of services available will be of little consequence.  When a manager wants to discipline an employee, those that bring passion to HR can hear an opportunity to improve leadership skills or the sounds of a manipulative employee who poses risks not registering on a manager’s radar.

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