Employee Performance

Human Resources as a profession got its start over 50 years ago.  Staying compliant with the then new Fair Labor Standards Act and other legislation was the driving force in this fledgling profession.  While the roots of Human Resources are planted in compliance, today’s leading companies expect Human Resources to create and maintain employee management systems, employee development processes, and inject leadership support that spreads a unified sense of purpose throughout every corner of the organization.

Organizations that accept a HR Gatekeeper mentality are at a considerable competitive disadvantage.  Employers should expect quality Human Resource support to help build a high performing team, not just maintain compliance.  Much like a symphony, your team can master the timing and teamwork needed to earn predictable standing ovations from your “audience” with professional Human Resource support.

Employer’s Guardian understands the challenges of creating an organized approach to employee performance, cost controls, labor commission, and OSHA compliance.  We present our clients proven solutions to develop a skilled and dedicated labor force that work in harmony with the goals of the organization while minimizing the risks.

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