Employee Handbook

How’s your Employee Handbook?  Up-to-date?  Does it bring you peace of mind?

An employee handbook is a key piece of documentation.  It’s not uncommon for companies to go years between handbook updates, and this can lead to unnecessary and potentially expensive exposure to risks.  Laws change each and every year.  Stay up to date with an Employer’s Guardian customized handbook.

Studies show that when employees are given clear written policies, expectations, and guidelines to follow, their odds of continuing with their employer rise significantly.  These same policies reduce the chance of the employee suing their employer.

Ending up in court without a well-drafted employee polices to defend yourself, you’ll fight an uphill battle trying to defend yourself.  When it comes to employment law, it isn’t necessarily how Fair you are, but rather knowing the rules, and playing the game by those rules.  A quality handbook defines those rules and keeps employees or their legal counsel from attacking any cracks in your armor.

Employer’s Guardian’s handbook includes:

Introductory Statement, with Mission, Vision, Value Statements customized for your company Safety and Health including Workplace Surveillance & Monitoring Consent, Ergonomics, Security/Workplace Violence, etc…
General Policies, such as At-Will, Notice of Pay Detail, Accommodation, and Unlawful Discrimination Policies for Hiring New Hires, Employee Status, Job Duties, and Personnel Records
Leaves of Absence Policies, including FLMA, Paid Family Leave, Pregnancy Disability Leave, Jury Duty and Witness Leave, Organ Donor and Bone Marrow, etc… Wage & Benefit Policies, including Paid Sick Leave, Insurance, Paid Time off/Vacation, Deductions, Meal and Rest Periods, Overtime, Voluntary On-Call, etc…
Management policies including Performance Evaluations, Open Door, and Employee Property Company Property including controlling the Bulletin Board, Parking, Social Media, etc…
Termination Polices including Involuntary Termination and Progressive Discipline, Employee References, Voluntary Termination, and Reductions in  Force Employee Conduct, including Performance Expectations, Customer Relations, Dress Code, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Punctuality and Attendance, etc…

A well crafted Employee Handbook brings Peace of Mind and Wealth Protection.

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