Improving Employee Performance of Critical Assignments

June 26, 2019

Managing employees can often feel like a lesson in frustration, particularly when they consistently fail to achieve expected, well-defined goals. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Mark, the General Manager for a large towing company in Southern California, was having trouble getting employees to complete daily driver’s logs, time cards, and monthly safety training assignments.  This inconsistency was exposing the company to unnecessary risk, not to mention frustrating the General Manager.

How Employer’s Guardian made a difference.

Employer’s Guardian helped the General Manager determine his top priorities for improving employee performance, and worked with him to build job standards that he could review with each employee as often as needed to get their behavior to change.  EG then trained him on how to use a tool called Mentor Memos, and monitored his progress until he was comfortable with the process.  Now that he is using Mentor Memos, he has seen increased accountability and performance out of his employees, as well as improved compliance on time tracking and safety training.  Communicating what you expect of employees, and clearly defining those expectations is critical.  It seems like a simple solution, but in today’s busy world, managers spend more time putting out fires then proactively managing their employees.

Mark has reported that his employees are responding well to feedback he sends through Mentor Memos.  Mark can now see his comments on each employee’s page, which gives him a clear view of overall performance in seconds, giving him more time in his day to accomplish even more.  Mark feels more confident in Cal-OSHA complianc and his employees’ safety as a result.

Lesson for Employers

Define expectations clearly and be willing to modify them over time.  Gain consensus on these expectations and set agreed upon timelines.  Provide clear, concise, and timely feedback on these expectations to create self-reliant masters.

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