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This level of claims management coupled with effective safety programs produces superior safety records and saves clients hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.  

With EG’s guidance in the handling of a work-related injury, our client avoided a potentially costly hike in workers’ compensation premiums.


The cost of workers’ compensation premiums is determined by the risk level associated with the work performed and the safety record of the employer. More frequent injuries and more severe injuries factor into the cost of workers’ compensation premiums. There are a substantial number of variables that can be proactively managed to control WC premium costs and this case is an example of one.

A manufacturing company’s employee had a work-related injury that required medical attention. As required, the employee was given the company’s’ WC insurance carrier information and directed to the company’s designated medical provider for treatment. Employer’s Guardian established the network of medical providers and manages all workers’ compensation injury claims for the client. When the client reported the injury to Employer’s Guardian, a case was launched, all materials required for compliance were provided to the employee, and treatment was monitored. The injury required one visit to the medical provider and qualified for OSHA reporting.

Employer’s Guardian contacted the medical provider to obtain the invoice and helped the client decide to pay the invoice before the WC insurance carrier. Employers have the right to pay for “first aid” injury treatment, but if the insurance carrier pays for that same treatment, the injury can no longer be categorized as “first aid.” That is an expensive difference! Employer’s Guardian continued to monitor the claim to ensure that the insurance carrier accurately reported the claim as “first aid.”  Note: If handled effectively, injuries reported to OSHA as “first aid” have minimal impact on the cost of WC premiums. This level of claims management coupled with effective safety programs produces superior safety records and saves clients hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

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