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Created Secure Payroll Reporting System Protecting Sensitive Information

Employer’s Guardian successfully set up and implemented a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) connection to our client’s IP address for...
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Payroll Processing Quality and Efficiency 

Our client owns 12 corporations in four states. Every payroll period the client was generating multiple corrections and inefficiencies. Employer’s...
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Controlling Workers’ Compensation Costs Thru Effective Claim Management 

The cost of workers’ compensation premiums is determined by the risk level associated with the work performed and the safety...
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Expanding Patient Services Through Alternative Work Schedule (AWS)

The client needed to expand patient service capacity at a few of their clinics. Expanding hours of operations was going...
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$175,000 COVID-19 Workers’ Comp Claim Denied

In February 2021, an employee became infected with COVID-19. The initial assessment could not rule out the exposure was not...
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