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Cal-OSHA Compliance

A leading Sacramento area Arborist Contractor notified Employer’s Guardian that they were randomly inspected by Cal OSHA. This can be a troubling situation if they didn’t have a quality Health & Safety Plan in place, training records, Injury & Illness Prevention Plan and representation who can speak Cal-OSHA’s language.

Employer’s Guardian previously built the safety programs the contractor needed for OSHA compliance and helped the client implement the program by training their managers and supporting the roll out of a learning management system to ensure all employees received the appropriate training.  Their managers and foremen were completing the daily Job Hazard Analysis and Job Site Inspections, which ensured that their job sites had little to no compliance violations. They were also holding their employees accountable for completing their required training in EG’s online training platform.  All key components when building a solid defense.

Because of EG support and their manager’s commitment to safety, they were ready for Cal OSHA scrutiny.  EG represented the company during the investigation and the investigation resulted in a Notice of Zero Fines being Assessed.  This a is feat that very few contractors can achieve.

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