What Clients Say


There are a number of ways to demonstrate our passion that results in our clients trusting Employer’s Guardian.  We could point to the largest AAA Tow Operator in America and how when they needed help in three states, it was our client that advised them to join Employer’s Guardian; or having no client turnover in 2012; our double digit growth six years in a row with no advertising budget beyond our website, or our success in reducing clients’ Workers’ Compensation Experience Modifiers by 22% on average…

…But it is our clients’ words that say it best:

It still amazes me that when I had a “professional” HR person on staff, my WC mod just went up and up. Fire the professional staff person, outsource and reap the benefits. I know now where the “professionals” really were. The quick way you cleaned up our open claims and made safety a priority has been immensely helpful. Your on-going reviews and recommendations keep us honest. Even though it was a struggle at first, your efforts are all paying off and you have a very grateful client.

-Bill Anson, President, Duralum Products, Inc.
Client Since:  2008.  64 employees.

In the time that we have been with your company we have become more knowledgeable and more confident in our business practices thanks to you.  Throughout the years, our intentions were always good.  We’ve learned however, that good intentions don’t necessarily equal compliance with employment law.  Thanks to Employer’s Guardian, we’ve moved into compliance and have become more efficient and profitable as a result.  This the best business decision Dick’s Automotive has ever made.

-Steve Sgarlato, President, Dick’s Automotive Transport, Inc.
Client Since:  2010.  45 employees.

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