With over 100 years of combined experience, Employer’s Guardian has been helping Tow Companies and Repair Shops for over a decade.

Risk Managed

Employees can find hundreds of ways to test your patience as well as your knowledge of labor laws. Take full advantage of EG’s expertise and systems to proactively control risks:

  • Avoid the Labor Board & US Dept. of Labor
  • Implement Proven, Profitable, & Compliant Pay Practices
  • Avoid Discrimination & Harassment Conditions and Claims
  • OSHA Compliance

Optimizing Employee Performance

Employees determine customer experience, quality of work, tow damage, and even your safety record. They control your revenue, your expense, and your bottom line. Employer’s Guardian brings the systems and strategies that solve the six reasons management teams fail to optimize employee performance.

  • Set and Maintain High Standards
  • Increased Output per Employee
  • Develop Employees Faster and to Higher Levels
  • Change Bad Behavior Timely

What We Do

At Employer’s Guardian, we focus on taking your company from Good to Great by helping you proactively control more variables that impact your long-term success:

  • Stay Current on Controlling Regulations
  • Keep Management in Control of Performance
  • Optimize Employee Performance
  • Maintain OSHA Compliance
  • Control the Cost of Workers’ Compensation
  • Provide State-of-the-Art Tools that create efficiencies
  • Make Payroll Processing a Partner in your Success

Good companies become great when they are supported by professionals that allow the management team to focus on building the business. They don’t wait until they have 50 or 250 employees to make the commitment to become great. Employer’s Guardian bridges the needs of the good small to mid-sized employer so they can become the great company they envision.

This program has been designed to provide AAA Contractors.

Wealth Retention and Peace of Mind

Employee Accountability and Passionate Contributors

Time Savings and Superior Results

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How Do You Know What You Need?

Employer’s Guardian offers an Employer Business Review (HR Audit). This 3rd party review defines where your company stands on Employment Law and Employment Best Practices. This stand-alone report will define your needs and aid you in making the best decision for you and your company.

Maximize Employee Performance | Minimize HR & OSHA Risks